The Sandbox Rules!

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The Sandbox Rules!

Post by Sess on Sun Oct 30, 2016 11:57 pm

Rules of the Forum

1) Be awesome!
Please be awesome to each other. Don't bring your drama to the forum and don't bash on each other (unless it's playful!) We don't mind swearing, but please don't use expletives left and right like a pirate with tourettes. We all love to drop every sort of bomb here and there, but excessive cursing is frowned upon. Like we said, be awesome to each other!

2) Go elsewhere with your baby-mama-drama!
No, seriously, if you all have a problem with another user, take it to the PMs... or report the joik for being a disruptive, disrespectful d-bag if it gets too bad. We seriously don't need this kind of nonsense! This site is meant to be relaxing and fun! A weekend get-a-way for those of us with a life. No point in making things worse if all you wanna do is have fun.

3) No spam!
A can of spam, though great for the inevitable apocalypse, is bad for the site. Don't spam and if you see spam, report it. Spam is just awful... this site is not a disease infested brothel!!!

4) No pornography/adult-content
Where to begin...? Right, so, don't post pornography of any sort. This site may have younger users and we're not here to teach them about the birds and the bees. We're not 4chan. Whatever you do in PMs is your own business, but don't post anything that can be classified as pornographic.

Also, we're NOT a place for slash fiction. We aren't. Just... no. Is an RP getting a bit hot and heavy? Take it to the bloody PMs. Again, this site has younglings, we don't need that kind of influence. Keep it private. Please.

5) Self-Promotion
Wanna promote your webcomic/blog? So long as it doesn't become spam, we're cool with it. We're a pretty laid-back place, for the most part. If you're still not sure if you feel comfortable promoting your project without our permission, that's fine! Feel free to PM us to get actual permission. OR! You can PM a select few friends who can spread the word for you. Keep in mind the rules, though. We support the Arts, but we also have to keep in mind the younglings. Keep 'em safe, let 'em speak to mum-and-dad about why they're growing hairs in odd places.


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