RP Etiquette!

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RP Etiquette!

Post by Sess on Mon Oct 31, 2016 1:02 am

RP Etiquette 2: With A Revengeance!

1) Obey Da Rulez!
So, yeah, just read the rules of the forum. Read 'em, memorize 'em, love 'em!

2) No Godmodding (AKA Godmoding)/Powerplaying (Autoing)/Metagaming
Godmodding/godmoding is, perhaps, the most annoying thing on the planet. What Godmodding/godmoding is, is a character that apparently has immortality, invulnerability, and PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER! (without the itty bitty living space). Unable to bleed and/or die, and capable of reacting within a single micro-second (if not in a planck instant). Point is, these dudes are bad dudes and not in a cool, fun way. What is worse is when godmod(d)ers IGNORE another person's post. In a way, people who godmod(e) tend to break the other two taboos of RP: Autoing and Metagaming.

Autoing (also known as powerplaying) is when a person controls another person's character and makes them do whatever their desired result is. Especially without consent. This ends badly, because it ends RPs and everyone just wants to leave. It's not cool. Don't do it.

Metagaming is possessing knowledge that you shouldn't. Like out-of-game information or another person's thoughts. Without the ability to read minds. It's a game ender, all in all. If your character doesn't know anything, don't magically give them ability to know everything. Just don't do it!

Ergo, don't be a godmod(d)ing li'l crumpet. You do anything of the sort and you'll be getting a boot to the head. Seriously, you'll be kicked out of the RP and if you attempt to get back in, you will be reported-- and therefore receiving a ban.

3) Character Sheets
It is important to make your character sheet first before you jump into any RP and it is best to make a OOC before an RP. It's basically a resume, and if an Admin, Super Mod, or Mod tell you to change something; change it. Don't argue. All characters must not violate rule #2. DO NOT VIOLATE RULE #2! I will not emphasize this further.

4) The Rules are Subject to Change
Read 'em and weep. These rules can be changed and expanded on if there is enough issue to warrant additions. You will be notified of this.

5) Have fun!


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