The Blue Moon Tavern

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The Blue Moon Tavern

Post by Sess on Mon Oct 31, 2016 1:33 am

The Blue Moon Tavern, from the outside, was a small wooden building of simple design. It stood in the center of the plains, which itself was surrounded by vast woodland. An unusual locale. However, inside of the mystical tavern, was the warped distortions of time and space, wherein it was larger with stairways up and down, balcony and lofts, and a fireplace worthy of a king's study! The smoky wasps of pipesmoke, cigarettes, cigars, and so on seeped into the mahogany beams and floors. Though mostly empty, many of the workers maintained the construct; cleaning and scrubbing floors, cooking food, unloading barrels and casks of liquor. The Blue Moon Tavern waited for the day that it would soon be brought to life by the many weary wanderers that traveled the great, big world...


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