Welcome to the Sandbox!

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Welcome to the Sandbox!

Post by Sess on Mon Oct 31, 2016 1:14 am

Welcome to the Sandbox! We're just now starting out and welcome everyone who Roleplays! Our main attraction is the Sandbox, the site's namesake, where characters from every possible universe can meet up at the Blue Moon Tavern and cause a bit of trouble. A fun concept that often times can bring out storylines, making it an organic experience that everyone can control. Hero, villain, Joe Schmuck from Across the Street! Everyone! Eventually, the Sandbox will have an official canon, but that won't be for another... oh... eternity? About that long, I think.

We also have other forums where you can RP your own way. Not much can be said about that, honestly, since it is the norm.

Our General Discussions is a place where everyone can chat up a storm in-between RPs and can mingle, sparking friendships. I also advise everyone to read the rules of the forums.

The News will provide information involving the forum, the changes in rules if any are made, as well as interesting tidbits involving anything upcoming. Hopefully we'll become a bangin' place with a lot of interesting people. If you're interested in anything, then feel free and jump in! Have any questions, speak to one of the admins. Eventually we'll start handpicking users to be Super Mods and Mods to help mediate the Forums; but please, don't ask us to choose you. It'll be random... sort of... but please be patient and enjoy the Forums!

To help us grow, we ask you to please spread the word of our existence. It would be nice if we could become a community.

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